Thursday, January 10, 2013

Island Hopping!

Hey Girly Girls!

I would like to share some photos from our Island Hopping last Sunday together with my family.
The sun made my skin 50 shades darker than it normally is haha! but it was super fun (the sunburns was all worth it! )

I took a total of 300+ pictures! hahaha but I don't wanna tire you guys so I'll be posting only a few of them :)
me at islands banca cruises hilton docking station
Grandpapa with my little sister aya 
Jump Shot! right after snorkeling :)
Tess with her cute baby Alexa
my sister ara at Pandanon island
It was such an amazing unforgettable experience! I highly recommend Islands Banca Cruises if you guys are planning to go on island hopping :)
check out there website for more information:

-ABBY :)

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