Monday, October 22, 2012

OOTN #2: Thursday Party!

Hey Girly Girls!

Last Thursday night me and my girlfriends went to Loft :)
and this was my outfit!

Skort: (SM department store)
Heels: Figlia
Grey Stockings (SM department store)
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: black clutch w/ silver straps (SM department store)

The party was not as fun as I expected but I'm glad I am with amazing fun people! :):)
-ABBY :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OOTD #1: yea yea and it's ok

Hey girly girls!

Finally!! my first OOTD! :)
I'm on my semestral break already! wooohoo! but still there are requirements to be submitted :(. (OMG I can't wait to graduate!)
This is the outfit that I wore to school today :)

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Street Jeans (SM department store)
Flats: Grey Flats (SM department store)
Necklace: Birthday Gift from my phenomenal best friend
Watch: Casio
Belt: SM department store
Make-up: Face (elf powder) Eyeshadow(elf quad butternut) Mascara (Maybelline the Falsies) Blush (Nichido sunkissed) Lipstick (L.A Girl Demure)

-"yea yea and it's ok" (HELENA BEAT BY FOSTER THE PEOPLE)

-ABBY :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hey Girly Girls!

Meet my best friend MARY ELAINE BARING :)
We've been friends since 2008 and how I'd wish I've known her earlier..
1. She is AMAZING
2. She is AMAZING
3. She is AMAZING
4. She is AMAZING
5. She is AMAZING

She is a blogger feel free to visit her page

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! :)
-ABBY :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Wedge!

Hey Girly Girls!

My aunt from the states bought me new pair of heels from Nine West, and it arrived in my place today! (Finally! my long wait is over!)

I love it so much! so Auntie Claire if you are reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I LOVE YOU!

so here's the picture of my new baby!
-ABBY :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Sister's OOTD: Acquaintance Party

Hey Girly Girls!

my sister's outfit for her Acquaintance Party :)
  Dress and belt: Forever21
Shoes: navy wedge from local store
Bracelet: South Shore
Stylist, Make-up artist, photographer: me :) haha!
-ABBY :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Facial Cleanser

Hey Girly Girls!

I've been using this facial wash for more or less 3 years..and It's a good one!..I'm always hesitant to try new ones though, the last two products that I tried caused me to break out!
my Olay clarity cleanser is already running out so I needed to get a new one, but then unfortunately the mall where I was awhile ago don't have any stocks.. I wanted to check out other stores but I am too lazy and since I am going to be really busy for the upcoming weeks I decided to buy this..
I haven't tried any neutrogena products before but I heard a lot of positive feedbacks regarding their products. Maybe its time to try a new one and who knows it might just work better than my old cleanser. (fingers crossed)

what's your facial wash? id love to know :)
-ABBY :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hey Girly Girls!

Last May 26, I went to LIFEDANCE, it is the first BIGGEST OUTDOOR DANCE PARTY in Cebu, Philippines. EVER!! It was so fun! The Djs were amazing! The lights! the fireworks! The crowd! OMG!
(Photo taken by: Kimberly Mendero)
It's been a week, but still I can't stop thinking about how that party completed my SUMMER 2012!
Pictures: (I'm the one wearing a yellow top with violet fringe necklace)
(Photo taken by: LMO photography)
Videos: I took these videos using my camera, I apologize for the bad Quality :P for more videos check out my youtube channel :)

I can't wait for LIFEDANCE 2013!!!
-ABBY :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Printed Shorts and Lipstick

Hey Girly Girls!

At last! My Summer class is finally over!! Which means I have more time to blog and of course read blogs :)
I got really bored today so I went to the mall. I wasn't really planning to buy something since I am saving for a new cellphone but I saw this pair of super cute floral printed shorts! What can I do? When I know for sure if I don't buy them I'll regret it for the rest of my life! (you girls understand me right? haha!)
Price: Php 599.77
Brand: Crissa

I also did not plan to buy this.. It's just that..the shade is so pretty :)

Price: Php 299
Brand: Maybelline
(Watershine Pure Natural Water + Minerals)
Shade: CR31

uhhh! Any saving tips?
Why is it so hard to save up? :/

Anyways! That's all for today! 
Bye Girls!
-ABBY :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mini haul + "gifts"

Hey Girly Girls!

These are all the items that I got since Monday until today, I bought some of them while the rest were given to me by my sweetest AUNTIE in the world! I LOVE HERR!

Let's start with the Items that I BOUGHT
Prices: Big one - P 120.00
Small one - P 60.00  (not sure)

I bought the small one for my little sister ;)

"Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder"
price: P 495.00
Shade: Classic Ivory

This powder has been out there for a long time but I didn't thought of getting it since I always prefer to buy the cheaper ones, and I was pretty much contented with my maybelline powder (clear smooth extra powder foundation). 
I've only used this powder for 3 days but this is now my new FAVORITE!
-very lightweight
-amazingly stays on my oily skin for 5 hours
-appears very natural on my skin
-I just love love love this powder! 

"School shoes"
Black Mendrez Shoes
Price: P 1199.00

yes! I wear school uniform 6 days a week (we are required to wear black shoes with heels) and I needed a new shoes since my old  ones looked really bad already. 
I think it looks professional, just the perfect kind of  shoes that I want to use for school.

"Mint Cropped Top"

Price: P 100.00

 I never had any mint colored clothing item, and I always wanted to have one, since I think it really looks fab!..I'm lucky! I saw one today!

Price Each: Below P 100.00

The "GIFTS" 
Thank you so much Auntie Claire for all the never ending gifts!! I love you so much!

Victoria Secret Lovespell Bag
Lovespell daily body wash
Lovespell Mist
Lovespell Body lotion

New York and Company Sling bag

Stila All about the eyes - Set 1

I am so excited to use this!

that's all! I have to go now and study for my exam tomorrow ;)

-ABBY :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog of Beauty Tag

Hey girly girls!
Before I start I'd like to thank Sophia Meola for tagging me. She is really beautiful and amazing! So check out her blog! 
The rules: 
1. You must answer all 5 questions
2. You must tag 6 other beauty bloggers
3. You must link the blogger who tagged you in your post

Here are the questions:
1. What is your favorite part of blogging?
Actually I have two..
     1. Being able to connect with people who have the same interests with me!
     2. When I have a new blog follower and a new comment pending to be approved, I get the best feeling in the world. I dunno with the rest of you but for me it makes me happy, I know I only have 23 blog followers but its really enough to make me feel that happy!
2. Is there something you dislike about blogging?
So far, I am loving everything about it! :)
3. What are your favorite type of posts to read?
Anything, especially if it is related to beauty, fashion, travel and art. I love reading blog posts. 
4. What is your favorite post from your own blog?
Oh well I couldn't pick of a favorite since I only have 7 posts down there haha!. Can I just say..I love them all?
5. What beauty product do you want to purchase due to reading another person's blog?
There's actually a lot of products that I want to purchase (IF I could afford them hahaha). Right now, there's really no way for me to get those products, but if I really have to choose which would be..the MAC DISH IT UP. I saw it from the blog post of Fleur De Force.

I tag these following Gorgeous Girls!
Lilith's Fashion Blog
Dotty Dolly
The Puzzle of Sandra's Life
Say Tioco Artillero
Embellishments Beauty

-ABBY :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Summer Class

Hey Girly Girls!

It is officially Summer here in the Philippines and the weather is P.E.R.F.E.C.T! but I don't get to enjoy any of that since I'll be spending my summer at school. Monday-Saturday 7:30-4:00pm! It is actually alright with me since I don't have anything fun to do during summer days, and I think it would be better to be busy with school than sleeping and eating and waiting for my boring summer to end.

My summer class starts tomorrow and I wanted to show you my notebooks. I think they are really cute. I covered them with a zebra print pattern and I glued some photos from magazines to make them look more fancier.
I have to go! Get some beauty sleep! I don't want to be late on my first day of class ;)
What are your summer plans?
Do you have summer classes too? 

-ABBY :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

L.A Girl Lipstick

Hey Girly Girls!

I tried this 1 lipstick from L.A girl and i liked it so much that I use it everyday!, I've been using it for months and just few days ago i ran out of it and because I'm busy with school I forgot to blog about it,.

I needed a new one and since the previous one that i got from L.A girl works perfectly on me, i decided to stick on the same brand..and I came across with these two...  

Lipstick no. 1 - Blissful pink
Lipstick no. 2 - Matte Strawberry

(the colors appear lighter in the swatches)

Original price was 219 pesos each but since they were on sale i got each for only 99 pesos.
These lipsticks are okay its not as good as the first one but since they're cheaper and it cost half the original price when I got them I'm pretty satisfied with it.

have you tried any lipstick of this brand?

-ABBY :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay:)

Hey Girly Girls,

oh well here i go again! late with my blog post :) BUT! better late than never ;)
last march 21, my friends and I went to see the premiere night of HUNGER GAMES :) and I completely loved the movie! It was amazing :) 
I can't wait for Catching fire!! :) 

2 weeks ago i finished reading the 3rd book..I love the ending! :)
The Catching Fire is my favorite because there's really a lot of action in there. I can't just read it without a need of paper and pen to trace what's going on in the arena.. :)
bye girls!
books to read? suggestions? :)

-ABBY :)

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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hunger Games

Hey Girly Girls,

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I've read a few facebook/twitter/not-sure-where posts talking about this upcoming movie called "THE HUNGER GAMES" I never really cared about it because I thought its another Harry-Potter-kind of book or Twilight-vampire book (ya know I'm not saying they are not good movies, I'm not just a fan of those movies and books, sorry! :P) until I saw a friend reading it. I borrowed her book just to read the synopsis and I told her to tell me about it AND GUESS WHAT?!! I fell in love with it! So i rushed to the bookstore, I bought the book and when I got home I watched the trailer for like gazilion times! SUUUPPPPERRR EXCITED!!

so here's the trailer if you guys haven't seen it yet..

Here's my book still with it's plastic packaging on ;)

soooo Bye!! I'm gonna go and read THE HUNGER GAMES :)

-ABBY :)

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012! :)

Hey girly girls!! ;) 

today is January 2, 2012 ;)  not too late to write down my New Year's Resolution.

-No more than TWO glasses of COKE within a week! well this one is hard since coke is my favorite drink in the world! :)
-Study Harder. Improve my grades.
-Use free time to learn new things. So instead of sleeping more than 10 hours during weekends i should get up earlier and do some readings ;) or etc..

-ABBY :)

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