Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mini haul + "gifts"

Hey Girly Girls!

These are all the items that I got since Monday until today, I bought some of them while the rest were given to me by my sweetest AUNTIE in the world! I LOVE HERR!

Let's start with the Items that I BOUGHT
Prices: Big one - P 120.00
Small one - P 60.00  (not sure)

I bought the small one for my little sister ;)

"Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder"
price: P 495.00
Shade: Classic Ivory

This powder has been out there for a long time but I didn't thought of getting it since I always prefer to buy the cheaper ones, and I was pretty much contented with my maybelline powder (clear smooth extra powder foundation). 
I've only used this powder for 3 days but this is now my new FAVORITE!
-very lightweight
-amazingly stays on my oily skin for 5 hours
-appears very natural on my skin
-I just love love love this powder! 

"School shoes"
Black Mendrez Shoes
Price: P 1199.00

yes! I wear school uniform 6 days a week (we are required to wear black shoes with heels) and I needed a new shoes since my old  ones looked really bad already. 
I think it looks professional, just the perfect kind of  shoes that I want to use for school.

"Mint Cropped Top"

Price: P 100.00

 I never had any mint colored clothing item, and I always wanted to have one, since I think it really looks fab!..I'm lucky! I saw one today!

Price Each: Below P 100.00

The "GIFTS" 
Thank you so much Auntie Claire for all the never ending gifts!! I love you so much!

Victoria Secret Lovespell Bag
Lovespell daily body wash
Lovespell Mist
Lovespell Body lotion

New York and Company Sling bag

Stila All about the eyes - Set 1

I am so excited to use this!

that's all! I have to go now and study for my exam tomorrow ;)

-ABBY :)


  1. My favorite thing of all is Barbie.

    Even though I'm already 25, I actually use a pink barbie mug at home. A bit similar to this one actually.

    Hope you can visit my blog too.

  2. love those earrings Abby! :)