Saturday, July 7, 2012

Facial Cleanser

Hey Girly Girls!

I've been using this facial wash for more or less 3 years..and It's a good one!..I'm always hesitant to try new ones though, the last two products that I tried caused me to break out!
my Olay clarity cleanser is already running out so I needed to get a new one, but then unfortunately the mall where I was awhile ago don't have any stocks.. I wanted to check out other stores but I am too lazy and since I am going to be really busy for the upcoming weeks I decided to buy this..
I haven't tried any neutrogena products before but I heard a lot of positive feedbacks regarding their products. Maybe its time to try a new one and who knows it might just work better than my old cleanser. (fingers crossed)

what's your facial wash? id love to know :)
-ABBY :)